Bose Wave Stereo Systems – Sound Like a Boss!

One remarkable thing that Bose has been consistently doing in the speakers game is to design ways to deliver big sounds in small packages. The company’s goal seems to be set on designing compact, small-sized speakers that are game changers in the highly fickle and competitive loudspeaker market. A technology that typifies this whole concept of Bose audio engineering is its Wave Music Systems.

Bose Wave Systems

Bose Wave Music Systems are tabletop audio systems which comprise CD player, AM/FM tuner and auxiliary inputs for various sources. The patented wave systems replicate the sound of bigger systems in small packages via a folded “waveguide” that transmit sound inside a series of channels or passages from the speaker driver to the front portion of the speaker grill. The acoustic waveguide concept involves amplification of the rear and side sound waves. The unique design allows the production of full, crisp stereo sound from a very small system that can be placed on top of a table or from a corner of the room.

Innovation that changed the game

Bose Wave Systems are an indicator that home stereo systems need not be big sized to achieve high-quality sounds. The output is a dramatically clear and accurate sound which is balanced and natural. With their compact design, the footprint size is small and the system can be placed in any part of the room with perfect ease, blending almost perfectly with the room décor.

Room-filling multi-component stereo sound

The system can stream millions of songs from various online music service providers and online FM stations worldwide via Wi-Fi. The Bluetooth capability allows streaming of songs from mobile devices and other MP3 players. All these in a small, wireless, single component system. The boss of all music systems!

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