The Return of Vinyl Records

Nothing compares to the magical feel of actually holding a vinyl record in the hands. There is nothing like it. The touch and feel of vinyl, the cover, the sleeve notes – it’s a unique package created by master engineers and craftsmen. There is nothing like the closeness and warmth that these phonographs deliver. There is an intangible connection and personal involvement when one buys a phonograph in the local music store. This connection extends to listening too.

The warm mahogany-rich sound, the crackle, and hiss of an LP is magic to the ears and gives a sense of personal involvement absent in the crystal clear 0-1 digital formats of CDs. There is a “timeless” quality about playing a vinyl record on one’s turntable and to an audiophile purist, this intimacy is for posterity. To many, music does sound better in the analog medium of vinyl than the digital and “encoded” music.

The Vinyl Resurgence
Vinyl records are suddenly enjoying an unexpected resurgence in popularity. In the market, turntables are outstripping CD players as the most used sources and the vinyl culture is once again alive and kicking. Sony Music, one of the biggest global record companies will start its production of vinyl records once again after it stopped production in 1989.

The vinyl appeal

So what is that makes vinyl so appealing to music lovers? Firstly, it’s the knock-out looks of turntables and the record itself. There’s a magical beauty associated with the way turntables are designed. Secondly, most importantly, it’s the sound. The difference in the sound quality is just enormous. It’s a fact that music sounds more vivid and “real” with vinyl records. There’s a natural quality about it unlike the almost mechanical sound of the digital format. The experience is real and total.

Sukumar Thingom


  1. Hi Sukumar,
    Your article really makes me nostalgic. I remember my grandfather’ listening to record player music.
    The look of the record player rotating and playing music is, classic. I do not know the quality of music it gives when compared to modern gadgets, But the way you explain the qualities of music played by the record player and modern gadgets tends me to buy one. Anyways old is gold. It’s great it is coming back. Thanks for a great article.

    • Vinyls sounding better than CDs and other digital formats is up for debate. However,one could say for certain that they sound better than the compressed MP3s. It’s a personal thing and the personal connection with the vinyls is much more deep-rooted than other digital formats. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Sukumar,

    Wow, I did not realize vinyl records would come back! I’ve heard many people have gotten rid of their vinyl records just to clean out their area. We, however, kept them because of momento, and my husband still plays them. He still has a turntable which he uses to play the vinyl records. Do you know if it’s only the LP that will be brought back or will they also include the return of the 45’s?

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Vinyls are here to stay. In fact, it had never gone away and in between too, before this resurgence in popularity happened, there were people buying records, even if the number were small. I think, the 45 rpm vinyl records would also be back (mind you, they are still available) along with the LPs. And do not ever throw away the old records. Treasure them. They could even fetch you a fortune!

  3. Hi
    I can’t believe it ! I used to own over 800 LPs & 1000 singles ! But left them when I split from my ex ( too heavy to move from the loft ) if she still has them she could be sat on a fortune ? Everything from ELO to Kate Bush, Blondie & 80’s British ska music.
    Thanks for the memories ( I think ? lol )

    • Paul,
      I hope there’s still a way to connect with your ex and talk her into returning the LPs and singles. ELO, Kate Bush, Blondie…wow! That’ll be a fortune for sure. Nice knowing that I have rekindled your memories (fond ones, I hope).

  4. Vinyl has returned and in a big way!! I never did jump on the CD bandwagon and was never a big collector of CD’s. But for those who never gave up on vinyl, enjoy the resurgence.
    The sound quality is better, crisper and sharper. Now just interested in the technology that will applied to record players.

    • Dear Brad,
      Nice to know that there are still die-hard believers of vinyl records like you. Buying or listening to vinyl is an almost religious thing for these people. The experience is incomparable.

  5. My girlfriend inherited her fathers entire vinyl collection when he passed and this was over 300 records. We’ve gotten plenty of enjoyment out of them. We have a lot of good stuff like Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, and Black Sabbath.

    I feel that the resurgence is due to the collectors appeal. Vinyls are cool. I feel this is the next best way to hear our favorite artists. Live of course being the best 🙂

    Like you, I also really enjoy the authentic sound that I hear when I’m listening to these records. It sounds so much better as if the the band was there playing life.

    Thanks for putting this article together. I’m sure more and more people are going to take up collecting once more thanks to you 😉

    • Justin,
      You and your girlfriend seem to be sitting on a big fortune. This might be another reason for you not to break up with her 🙂 There was this common notion that vinyls were dead, but in reality, they were always alive. Only someone who’s on the look for better sound knows the value of these records. They are ahead in terms of antique value than CDs. And they definitely look better than CDs.

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